Jim Cowan

6834018694810e32a5fcefffb98ca06d33bc6e2e3c32ebeaeda78ce24820a83dae7a95dbJim is a former elite level coach and athlete with a wealth of experience working with businesses and organisations across a number of sectors around the world.

As a coach he has worked with numerous international athletes in the UK and in Kenya, Japan, the Middle East, Australia and the United States including a world champion and a world record holder. Highly regarded across a range of sports, he has also worked as a performance consultant in top-flight football, rugby, motor sport, hockey, basketball, surfing and cricket.

Recognised as one of the UK’s leading strategy experts, Jim blends learning from the planning and preparation for elite level sport with traditional corporate strategy creating strategy designed for one purpose only; delivering excellence. Clients have ranged from the police to the Asian Games, from local authorities to multi-national corporations and from national governing bodies for sport to SMEs.

Jim’s expertise has been tapped into by the world’s media and he has been called upon as an expert consultant for a number of media outlets including Channel 4 (UK), Chanel 7 (Australia) and Fox (USA). He has articles published in specialist journals in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Oman and the United States. Jim is currently completing his first book, aimed at supporting small businesses with strategy, blending business methods with those from elite sport and using simple, easy to understand terminology and easy to follow processes.