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On 4th June I will be doing the Fan Dance in support of some great causes.

The Fan Dance involves neither fans nor dancing, instead being a challenge favoured for Special Forces selection.

I’m hoping you will consider supporting me.

So…..why call  it the Fan Dance then?

image004The name comes from the climb over Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, a climb encountered twice within the challenge.

It sounds innocuous enough – ‘The Fan Dance’ – but as anyone who has served in the UK’s military, especially those who were in the SAS, the Fan Dance is a serious challenge.

Twenty-Four kilometres; over the top of the 886m high Pen y Fan, onwards to a turn-around point, and then back over Pen y Fan to finish where I started.

But that’s not difficult enough so let’s throw in a 35lb backpack full of essential kit to carry – you know, in case things go wrong and I’m stuck out in the Brecon Beacons overnight awaiting rescue. First Aid kit, sleeping back, extra clothes, foil blanket, food and water, etc.

No, that’s still not difficult enough. Let’s add in a four hour 10 minutes’ time limit (the selection benchmark for the SAS) just to add some spice.

Am I mad  to take this on? An asthmatic 54 year old with an arthritic knee, a lung with reduced function and an Achilles tendon that enjoys a moan now and then (and during hay fever season too)? Probably. But what the heck, it’s for some great causes, so let’s do it!

And that’s the even more serious bit of my Fan Dance Challenge; there is little point in doing it if it doesn’t benefit the great causes I am raising funds for and which, I hope, you will see fit to support by sponsoring me.

The aim is to raise £2400. It sounds a lot but is less than £2 each for everyone who follows me on Linked In, Facebook and Twitter.

Will you support me please? Will you support street children, rescue dogs and those brave men and women who have stood up to defend our freedoms and now need our help?

Find out more details here: www.GoFundMe.com/JimsFanDance

Thank you in advance from me and from all those you will be helping through your support.

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