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This November, I’ll be taking on the Rio 3 Peaks Challenge and supporting Street Child United. Why not join me?

SCWC-3-Peaks-Logo-Rio-2016Away from Cowan Global, I run a social enterprise called People’s Events and it is my privilege through People’s Events to have worked with some amazing charities organising events to raise funds to support their good work.

One of those charities is Street Child United who work tirelessly across the globe for the rights of street children and, this November, we are organising our third trip to Rio to take on the Rio 3 Peaks Challenge which is a gruelling trek up (and back down) three of the highest peaks surrounding Rio de Janeiro with the finish line at the feet of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Gruelling but very, very worthwhile and I am hoping some of those who read my blog will want to come along, take up the challenge and support this worthy cause.

Three Peaks, 2000 metres of climbing, within 12 hours – in temperatures which, on previous challenges, have hit 40 degrees!

Unlike other challenges, we also take some time to visit projects in Rio’s notorious favelas which have been supported by Street Child United and have saved many young people not only from the streets but from gangs and drugs and, likely, an early death.

These are experiences which will touch you every bit as much as the amazing scenery and views during the challenge will leave you in awe. This is a trip which will live in your memory forever for a wide range of reasons.

And afterwards, along with those memories, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have done a good thing, contributed to a worthy cause, and done your bit to help the next child off the streets and into a future.

Street children don’t have to be invisible; they are somebody just like you and I.

Will you join me in Rio in November?



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