Nothing backs up the claims made by a business like a testimonial. Thank you to the following for providing testimonials for Cowan Global.

Mark Drummond“Jim was hired to author a new resource on strategy. He is an experienced consultant and clearly understood what we required and was able to translate this in to an excellent piece of work. I would not hesitate to hire Jim again and I thoroughly recommend him.”
Mark Drummond (Sports Coach UK)

Steve Forey“I would highly recommend Jim to any business owner looking to develop and grow their company.
Jim has the knack of asking the right questions to identify what strategies can be put in place to help business owners achieve their goals. Not only that but Jim can support them to ensure things happen.
His wealth of experience in the Sporting world brings a fresh approach which is sometimes lacking in the business world!”
Steve Forey (Branduin Limited)

Trevor Wood“Jim spoke at an excellent half day seminar with the aim of showing businesses owners how lessons learned by elite sports people could be applied to their businesses in this difficult economic time.
He is an inspirational speaker and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a speaker or business consultant.”
Trevor Wood (Network Midlands  Limited)

Michelle Collier-Self“We employed the services of Cowan Global to lead on the Sussex Sports Awards project. He is a really nice guy who works hard and gets the job done. Always willing to put extra hours in for the ‘greater good’ of a piece of work; he is professional, well organised, has good time management skills and inventive ideas. His liaison with corporate sponsors was excellent and he comes highly recommended.”
Michelle  Collier-Self (Active Sussex)

Scott Hingley“It is exciting working with Jim. He not only sees the possibilities but realises them through his commitment, planning, connections and his passion for what he does. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is a trusted contact of mine despite being a Chelsea fan!”
Scott Hingley (Touch Design)

Mary Carson“Jim worked in an extremely high pressure environment on Channel 4’s first ever televised scientific experiment to see if steroids effected sports performance. He designed and enabled the coaching sessions in association with Southern Cross University in Australia, provided solid backing in terms of experience and knowledge to the production team and perhaps most importantly was there to provide confidential and personal advice and as a listening post to the young men going through the experiment process. His success was down to his knowledge, expertise, preparation and ability to effectively transfer the production requirements to produce sporting results without detriment to the contributors or the science. He was also a passionate advocate prepared to argue his point and facilitate compromises when necessary.”
Mary Carson (Documentary film producer/director at The Guardian Multimedia)

Clive BreedonJim has worked with me both as a colleague and on strategy development as a consultant.
“His work is thorough and well thought out using his considerable knowledge and experience. His work on the Lincolnshire Sports Strategy from conception to delivery was an excellent body of work that was well recieved by partners and stakeholders.”
Clive Breedon (Organisational Intelligence Limited)

Daniel Marconetto“I have worked with Jim in the past and would certainly recommend his services. Jim is very focussed and professional. Jim’s main focus and strength is based around strategy, so if it’s strategy you are looking for, then Jim’s your man.”
Daniel Marconetto (FlexyWeb)

Phil Hughes “Jim is a ‘get things done’ sort of guy who knows his stuff and can put on a great event. I’ve seen the results of his work and would happily recommend that you use him as a consultant or to organise an event.
Jim has a strong track record, particularly with themed events for charity where you can raise your corporate profile AND raise money for a good cause.”
Phil Hughes (Coldharbour Marine Limited)

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